Fitting the HALTI

Hold your Halti by the noseband. Halti assumes the shape of your dog's head, with the two rings under his chin.

The collar section is adjustable using the slide. When the buckle is securely closed it should accurately fit your dogs neck. A two-finger slackness is the best guide.

Having fitted the Halti, see where the noseband naturally sits. It should be down the nose and away from the eyes. When you release pressure on the chin strap, make sure your dog can fully open his mouth without restriction.

Safety First

Until your dog gets used to wearing the Halti, there is a small risk that he might pull the collar section over his head. Do ensure that the collar section is tight enough. No more than 2-3 fingers should fit under the collar.

A recommended precaution is to link the lead to the Halti and to a conventional collar, ideally using a safety strap. Alternatively, take a double-ended training lead and attach one clip to the Halti lead ring and the other to your dog's regular collar.


At first, your dog may object to wearing the Halti. Here are some hints on how to make the process more fun for your dog.

  • Show him the Halti and allow him to sniff it and see that it is nothing to be scared of.
  • To fit the Halti, give the dog some titbits with your hand through the body of the Halti.
  • Slide the Halti over your hand onto his nose.
  • Allow your dog to wear the Halti for a few minutes distracting, him with treats or play.
  • Attach the lead. If the dog attempts to drop his head to paw at the Halti, hold a titbit to keep his head in the air.
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